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What Is Soft Tissue Grafting?

If gum (periodontal) disease has progressed to the complex phases, you may develop gum recession. This causes a raised gumline and exposed tooth roots. At Kansas City Surgical Arts, a part of your gum disease therapy may include soft tissue grafting to restore your gumline. When you come in for your first appointment, board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons Dr. Matthew Hlavacek or Dr. Jason Baker will produce your personal treatment plan to restore your gums. Get in touch with our office in Kansas City, MO to find out more about how soft tissue grafting can fix your gums, protect your teeth, and enhance the overall look of your smile.

At Kansas City Surgical Arts, soft tissue grafting offers numerous advantages for Kansas City, MO men and women struggling with degenerative gums and similar dental concerns.

  • Preserves unprotected roots: Protects the delicate teeth root's from outside factors, decreasing pain and sensitivity
  • Boosts aesthetic: Results in a more consistent and pleasing gum line, amplifying the overall appearance of a person's smile
  • Restricts continued recession: Balances the gum tissue, avoiding continued degradation and recession of gums
  • Minimizes tooth loss risk: Strengthens the zone around the teeth, lowering the likelihood of tooth loss as a result of reduced support
  • Elevates oral health: By handling root exposures, gum grafting might minimize the chance of root cavities and other associated oral wellness issues.

How Is Soft Tissue Grafting Performed?

Among the various types of gum grafts available, soft tissue grafting is the most common kind used to fix gum recession. Soft tissue grafting at Kansas City Surgical Arts is performed under local anesthesia to ensure you stay comfortable. The procedure itself starts with Dr. Hlavacek or Dr. Baker cutting an incision in the roof of your mouth to remove a little flap of skin. The connective tissue is taken from inside the flap and then attached to your gumline. After this whole process is complete, incisions will be applied to seal the area and promote healing.

Everyone that I had any interaction with at this facility were beyond amazing!!! From the doctor to all of the nursing staff and the anesthesiologist, there wasn’t a question that went unanswered, not a feeling that wasn’t comforted…I had the most incredible experience and couldn’t be more impressed! I highly recommend this facility to anyone and everyone looking to have work done. You will NOT be disappointed.

M.W. Google

Amazing staff, amazing Dr, and amazing results so far! From consultation to surgery, Dr Hlavacek did incredible. I got my breast augmentation surgery yesterday at 8am and he called me last night at 9pm to check on me. With surgery yesterday, they already look fantastic even with the swelling. To the point my husband said he would have paid double for them 🤣 I can’t wait to see what they look like when completely healed! Thank you all!

C.A. Google

Dr.Baker was amazing! I was having issues on the day of surgery and gave him a call up around 10pm not knowing if he was going to answer, but he did and helped me tremendously with getting the prescription I needed right away. We had a little trouble finding a pharmacy so he did some research after our call and gave us a call back about 30 minutes later. He even gave me a check up call in the morning to make sure I was still doing alright. He saved me so trouble by answering his phone that night, can’t say thank you enough.

H.M. Google

We were so impressed by Dr.Baker and his staff. I had a small complication prior to surgery , and Dr.Baker himself called me back and helped me. Then when I arrived for my surgery, my driver developed medical issues, and they took care of him as well! They were all so kind and caring, never rushed. Then Dr. Baker called back in the afternoon to check on both of us! I would give the very highest recommendation to anyone I know needing oral surgery.

N.R. Google

Kansas City Surgical Arts is the best. The WHOLE staff is amazing and caring. It starts with setting up a consultation all the way through your procedure and follow ups. The front desk ladies, patient coordinator (Hannah) to nursing, (Bella, and Kim) and of course Dr. Hlavacek (the best), care so much for their patients. I would highly recommend KC Surgicial Arts.

K.P. Google


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Boost Your Gum Health

Soft tissue grafting surgery is a restorative dental procedure at Kansas City Surgical Arts used to repair your gums, improving your dental health. If you have gum recession due to advanced gum disease or other causes, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hlavacek or Dr. Baker at our practice in Kansas City, MO to learn more about the advantages of soft tissue grafting.

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Can soft tissue grafting improve sensitivity caused by gum recession?

Soft tissue grafting at Kansas City Surgical Arts is designed to cover exposed roots, which is often the cause of sensitivity. This not only enhances the appearance of your smile but also reduces sensitivity by providing a protective layer over the exposed roots. 

Will my smile look different after soft tissue grafting?

There will be a noticeable improvement in your smile after soft tissue grafting. This procedure aims to restore your gumline to a more natural and aesthetically pleasing position. As a result, patients often observe that their smile looks healthier and more youthful post-surgery. 

How long does it take to heal from soft tissue grafting?

The healing process from soft tissue grafting varies among individuals, but it generally takes about one to two weeks for the initial healing to occur. However, it's important to note that complete healing and integration of the graft can take a few months. During your consultation and post-operative care, Dr. Hlavacek or Dr. Baker will provide detailed instructions on what to expect and how to care for your mouth during this period. 

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