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What Is a Facelift?

Kansas City Surgical Arts offers a comprehensive range of facial surgical treatments, highlighted by one of our most popular procedures: the facelift. This surgery focuses on precise sections of the face to combat drooping features and lines to produce a more youthful-looking, softer appearance. Based upon your aesthetic goals, a facelift can focus on the eyes, the mid-face area and cheeks, the bottom section including the jowls, mouth, neck, and more for an all-around younger look. Our doctors are highly trained and experienced, understanding the complex anatomy of a facelift. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.

How Is a Facelift Performed?

Regardless of your aesthetic concerns, there are a number of facelifts to consider. Some facelifts treat the upper portion of the face while others focus on the lower two-thirds. In addition, some methods are a bit more invasive and intricate than others. It's very common for some individuals to have an eyelid lift, brow lift, or fillers and BOTOX® to complement their final results. Some of the more known facelift techniques include:

  • Full Facelift
    Considered the gold standard, the full or "traditional" facelift generally uses an incision near the hairline, then extends down to the temples, stopping near the base of the ears. The deeper layer of facial tissues and muscles are gently pulled and safely tightened to produce a lifted outcome, which diminishes excessive loose skin and droopy features. The traditional facelift is used for individuals who show signs of aggressive aging. With this lift, various procedures may be combined, including an eyelid lift to enhance the eyes or a neck lift for the lower region.
  • Mid-Facelift
    Using a similar method to the mini lift, the surgery known as a mid-facelift addresses the sagging close to the cheekbones, as well as the upper jaw.
  • Lower Facelift
    This particular facelift addresses the neck and chin and sometimes the jowls.
  • Mini Facelift
    During a mini facelift, a small incision is made around the ears to lift the skin, which enhances the mouth and jawline.

Everyone that I had any interaction with at this facility were beyond amazing!!! From the doctor to all of the nursing staff and the anesthesiologist, there wasn’t a question that went unanswered, not a feeling that wasn’t comforted…I had the most incredible experience and couldn’t be more impressed! I highly recommend this facility to anyone and everyone looking to have work done. You will NOT be disappointed.

M.W. Google

Dr.Baker was amazing! I was having issues on the day of surgery and gave him a call up around 10pm not knowing if he was going to answer, but he did and helped me tremendously with getting the prescription I needed right away. We had a little trouble finding a pharmacy so he did some research after our call and gave us a call back about 30 minutes later. He even gave me a check up call in the morning to make sure I was still doing alright. He saved me so trouble by answering his phone that night, can’t say thank you enough.

H.M. Google

We were so impressed by Dr.Baker and his staff. I had a small complication prior to surgery , and Dr.Baker himself called me back and helped me. Then when I arrived for my surgery, my driver developed medical issues, and they took care of him as well! They were all so kind and caring, never rushed. Then Dr. Baker called back in the afternoon to check on both of us! I would give the very highest recommendation to anyone I know needing oral surgery.

N.R. Google

My son was so nervous to get his wisdom teeth out. We had everything thoroughly explained to us. We were treated so well. Thank you for the care you gave my son!

J.H. Google

Everyone was very kind and explained every procedure that was going to be performed. I have had no problems

S.W. Google


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A Firmer, Younger-Looking Appearance

Facelift surgery can take years off your face and provide you with a rejuvenated outcome. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of choices for surgery based on your individual needs and goals. To learn more, we invite you to contact Kansas City Surgical Arts in Kansas City, MO to schedule your appointment.

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